Union of Arendale

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The Union of Arendale is a sovereign state in Golden Rainbow in the North East of Antilia Major and at the eastern tip of Araba Mida.Its foreign policy is to take care of its people's welfare in abroad countries and to help stimulate agreements with countries concerning in the economy or military.The Union since Damorian periods have had relations with different countries,only now has the government valued the importance of making foreign allies and help in economy.


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Countries with Relations

Ruthenian Empire

Beginning its entrance to the Interplanetary organization of Council of Centau,the country met delegates of Ruthenia in its signing for memberships.During the Arendale Communist Crisis,the queen sent out a plea for help and the Ruthenian Empire commited 5 regiments or its Armed Forces which greatly helped the Union Army in the Western flank.The Union also evacuated 300,000 of its citizens to Ruthenia,that after the war ended only 12,500 returned,further increasing ties between the countries.

Months after the crisis ended,Dalean and Ruthenian diplomats exchanged places to formally establish embassies,with permission from both countries.The Union of Arendale has an embassy in Auronopolis and Ruthenia has an embassy in Arendelle.The countries as of today maintain mutual peace and holds an office in Centau exclusive for Ruthenians.

Last March 14,3339, Ruthenia sent representatives to attend the Queen's coronation.

Federal Republic of Erusea

The 2 countries interacted greatly during the communist crisis,where Erusea sent soldiers to reinforce several fronts in the South flanks,incuring massive casualties,which caused Anti-Dalean groups in Erusea.The Erusean government maintained its troops until late 3335,it was one of the Centau forces to withdraw from Arendale in time of the Treaty.

During the next few years,ties between the countries were strengthened with the establishment of embassies giving Erusians visas to Arendale,and for Arendaleans a trust in welfare programs.

Aquitanian Empire

The first encounter with the two peoples didnt arrive until Arendale's entry to Centau.The Aquitanian Empire was the first to give Naval Aid during the crisis.And after the war,Aquitanian aid helped Arendale reconstruct itself.Arendale and Aquitania dont have formal ties but Arendale and Aquitania hold Security Exercises once every 2 years to counter Communist influnces in government.

Last March 16,an Aquitanian delegation composing of different members of state and the Royal family arrived in Arendelle Int. Airport to attend Queen Mary Jane's coronation.


Treaty  Country/ies Signed With Signed date(GR)
Aquitania-Arendale Security Exercises Treaty(AASET)
3030 Aquitanian Flag.png
Aquitanian Empire
  May 11,3339
Gaia-Arendale Defense Exercises Treaty(GADET)
Flag of Gaia.png
   Imperial Union of Gaia
May 15,3339
"Economy 4000" Treaty
Ruthene flag.png
Ruthenian Empire
December 24,3338
Organization of Mutual Defense
SC Flag.jpg
Imperial Union of Constantine
September 15,3341