The foreign relations of Gaia are Gaia's relations with other governments and organizations. Some of Gaia's most important relationships are with member states of the Pnakotic Congressional Order and the Gold Sea Trade common market.

Officially, Gaia maintains relations with all federal and common market allies, but it also maintains relations with an additional five countries. The country has been a member of the interplanetary organization, the Council of Centau, since its founding and is a founding member.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy in Gaia is largely dictated by the reigning monarch and the ruling government. Since the reign of Empress Satomi, the country has had an open diplomatic policy. Following the country's departure from its isolationist foreign policy, which was mainly due to establishment of relations with Aquitania and the establishment of Gaia's first embassies, Gaia has maintained close relations with Aquitania. However, the country's foreign policy began to show signs of less openness to non-allies and more isolationism, beginning in 3858, as the people of Gaia began to show signs of displeasure with the country's open foreign policy.

Gaia's foreign policy has been largely supportive of its close allies. However, the country remains neutral in most disputes amongst its allies involving territory and their bilateral relations. The country's foreign policy also often reflects the desire of the government to protect its nationals overseas, meaning that relations with countries may largely depend on their political stability and security. This firm belief in the protection of the country's citizens overseas has resulted in foreign countries having to be approved as tourist destinations before Gaians may travel there.

Gaia's comprehensive international relief efforts have played a major role in the country's foreign policy. The Gaian Emergency Relief Agency, sends aid to almost all disaster stricken areas in Kebir Blue, with allies taking the priority for aid.

Agreements and Treaties

For Visa Policies, see Visa Policy of Gaia.

Gaia maintains numerous treaties and agreements with its allies. Below is a list of current and pending treaties and agreements.

Co-signatories Name Type Signed Status
 Pnakotic Congressional Order Federal membership treaty Defence 3795 Active
 Gold Sea Trade member states Gold Sea Trade common market treaty Trade 4441 Active

Kebir Blue

Because Gaia is located on the world of Kebir Blue, most of its diplomatic relations are located there.

Country Notes
State Coat of Arms of Belgium.svg.png Ailuros Gaia maintains close relations with Ailuros, with which it shares a land border. Both countries belong to the Pnakotic Congressional Order and the Gold Sea Trade common market.
Noflag.png Keuyap
RedFlag.JPG Malizi

Gaian diplomatic mission in Nyarlagrad

Gaia maintains good relations with the People's Republic of Malizi. The diplomatic mission in Nyarlagrad, People's Republic of Malizi was established as part of the first diplomatic outreach program by the Gaian Foreign Ministry to its allies in the Soviet Federation. The diplomatic mission in Nyarlagrad is one of the largest diplomatic missions operated by the Gaian Foreign Ministry, which is due to the immense size of the country. The diplomatic mission in Nyarlagrad has been extensively renovated to become earthquake proof, in light of the country's history of earthquakes. The building is also home to the overseas offices of the Gaian Emergency Relief Agency. GERA has so far responded to dozens of earthquakes within the country. The country has also provided military information and training to units of the Gaian Defence Forces.
Mandarr flag.jpeg Mandarr Gaia maintains good diplomatic relations with Mandarr. Since the establishment of a Gaian embassy in Mandarr, and subsequent Gaian investment in the Mandarran economy, relations have improved. Further improvement in Gaian-Mandarran relations came when the two countries conducted cultural exchanges in 3536.
KingdomofSuriya.png Suriya Gaia maintains an embassy in Noppharat and is an active particpant in the countrys Viper Diamond military excercises.
Noflag.png United Shadow Cove
Noflag.png Westeros


Gaia maintains minimal relations with some members of the Council of Centau. However, Gaia does not maintain any relations with countries that are not in its federation or common market, unless otherwise specified.

Country Notes

Historic relations

Country Notes
3030 Aquitanian Flag.png Aquitania Main article: Aquitanian-Gaian Relations

Former Gaian Embassy in Savoy

Gaia had maintained strong diplomatic relations with Aquitania for well over two centuries. Gaia's first formal diplomatic relations with a foreign country were with Aquitania. Many scholars in Gaia have credited Aquitania with bringing Gaia out of its isolationist foreign policy, which largely ignored relations with other countries and had focused on internal development.

Gaia also maintained military relations with Aquitania, under the auspices of the Orbital Cooperation and Security Treaty.

In addition to the main embassy in Savoy, Gaia had maintained consulates in Brandenburg, Hannover, Königsberg, and Preutterdam.

Download (15).jpg Arendale Gaia maintained basic relations with Arendale. Since the end of the Communist Crisis in Arendale, Gaia had maintained an office dedicated to relations with Arendale at the Golden Rainbow Headquarters of the Council of Centau. Gaians were prohibited from travelling to the country due to its political unsuitability and the dangers remaining since the end of the Communist Crisis.
SC Flag.jpg Constantine Gaia maintained minimal relations with Constantine.
Erusea.png Erusea Gaia maintained good diplomatic relations with Erusea. Relations began in 3570 following a Erusian request for the formal establishment of relations. Erusea was a popular tourist destination for Gaians, due to its proximity to Aquitania.
Fu1649.gif Greenwood Gaia maintained strong diplomatic relations with Greenwood. Each countries monarchies were linked through the marriage of the Greenwood King Richard and the Gaian Princess Kaori. The Gaian Embassy in Greenwood had hosted one of the largest Gaian diplomatic missions and had served large number of Gaians as the country was a favoured tourist destination.

Gaia had maintained an overseas base in Greenwood, which had approximately 6610 Gaian Defence Forces personnel stationed there. The country had also been an area of operation for the Gaian Naval Defence Forces. Gaia had been committed to Greenwoods defence and sovereignty due to the royal marriage.

Highlandic Empire.png Highlandic Federation Gaia maintained good diplomatic relations with the Highlandic Federation. The country had been seen as a stable country for investment as well as tourism. The country was one of Gaia's most popular overseas destinations for corporate investment and business.
Ruthene flag opt.png Ruthenia Main article: Ruthenian-Gaia Relations

Former Gaian Embassy in Auronopolis

Gaia maintained strong diplomatic relations with Ruthenia. Since the establishment of relations, Gaia and Ruthenia had signed numerous treaties regarding education and relations. Relations had become stronger as the country was quickly becoming a popular destination for Gaian tourists. Large numbers of Gaian students had also studied in Ruthenia, where many world-class schools were located, particularly the Imperial University of Auronopolis. Since 3590, Gaia has begun accepting refugees with Ruthene citizenship.

In addition to the main embassy in Auronopolis, Gaia had maintained consulates in Euxodion, Flampourari, Ikonion, and Syrrakion.

VlagWeliopakistan.png Yokistan Gaia maintained basic relations with Yokistan.

Gaia had maintained treaties and agreements with numerous countries over the centuries. Unfortunately, many of those countries no longer exist. Below are some of the treaties and agreements in which Gaia had signed.

Co-signatories Name Type Signed Status
3030 Aquitanian Flag.png Aquitania Consular Services Agreement Diplomatic 3439 Defunct
3030 Aquitanian Flag.png Aquitania Orbital Security and Cooperation Treaty Military 3455 Defunct
Highlandic Empire.png Highlandic Federation

Custom flag.jpg Mandarr
Medium flag of vietnam.gif Romanam

Economic Cooperation and Investment Treaty Economic 3483 Inactive
Flagofromaion.png Ruthenia Education Treaty (Pending Name) Cultural Defunct
3030 Aquitanian Flag.png Aquitania Education Treaty (Pending Name) Cultural 3560? Defunct
3030 Aquitanian Flag.png Aquitania Work Visa Agreement (Pending Name) Economic 3569 Defunct

Humanitarian Efforts

Gaia maintains one of Kebir Blue's most comprehensive humanitarian aid and emergency relief networks. As of 3580, Gaia is ranked 2nd in the largest donors of humanitarian aid on Kebir Blue.

Gaia's foreign aid programs are managed by the Gaian Emergency Relief Agency.

  • Gaia participated in the Tactical Rock humanitarian aid efforts. Three Survey Corps squads were sent to protect refugee camps. Additionally, the Gaian government sent financial aid to support the camps and to ensure a safe and clean water supply for those affected by the conflict.