A federation is a group of countries that have agreed to cooperate in defence related matters. Generally they share military resources and help each other in case of war. The assistance given during war is limited to the participation of the air force in defending a member country. Members of federations should realize that they can lose many of their aircraft during such military support operations and use thousands of missiles at a large cost. There are rules that govern the federations and all members must agree. Some issues are decided by voting. Any user can start a new federation and invite friends to join. Joining federations is always by invitation.

To join a federation, the chairman of that federation has to invite you to become a member. Usually federations are setup by groups of players who know each other or met by playing.

Up to 25 countries can be members of a single federation. You can start a new federation or join an existing one. Click on "Federations" in the navigation bar or on the menu at the top of the page.

Types of Members


The chairman of the federation is leader or founder of the federation. The chairman has the ability to invite countries into the federation and to change the federations flag, abilities that a regular federation members do not have. Members of the federation have the ability to initiate a vote for a new chairman.


A federation member is a country that was invited to join a federation and became a member. A federation member may vote and may also become the chairman if there are enough members who vote for them.


All members of a federation may start a voting round on a variety of subjects, they include war, evictions, election of a new chairman, and rules. Rules include the name and description of the federation, as well as the voting period for voting rounds and the percent threshold needed for a successful voting round.

Notable Federations