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The East Prussian Question is an existing debate in Aquitania over the territorial status of the strategic region of East Prussia, the southwestern most tip of the Eastern Mainland. The Vladian Solution (Aquitanian: Vladisch Lösung) involves annexing the territory to the Aquitanian Kingdom of Vladien, while the Prussian Solution (Aquitanian: Preußisch Lösung) corresponds to Prussian annexation. The historic argument has been the main cause for the age old Prusso-Vladian Enmity, which has lead to several wars between the two. Currently, East Prussia belongs to the Kingdom of Prussia since 2914, the end of the Second Schism, which saw Prussian invasion and victory over the sovereign Aquitanian States after the collapse of the Second Empire. The territory was annexed after the invasion of Vladien in 2911 and redrawing of the maps in 2914.

The issue has been raised again by the Vladian Parliament after the 3244 Territorial Rearrangement Treaties between the Kingdom of Prussia, the Principality of Savoy and the Grand Duchy of Weißland.


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