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Soviet Federation Division Beta

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In 3030 the Democratic Republic of Damstu commissioned the creation of a Soviet Parliament, as an integral part of the Soviet Federation on Kebir Blue. After unveiling the project, the four divisions were given names and delegates for the 3035 assembly. The map above is a beta version of the divisions in the Soviet Federation. There are four divisions, represented on the map by four colours. More information below:

The Western Bloc

Green (five members)

State Official Delegate
New Republic of Wisconsin 3035
Commonwealth of Virginia N/A
People's Republic of Rezalan N/A
Empire of the Great Gatsby N/A
Democratic Republic of Damstu N/A

The Capital Division

Red (fix members)

State Official Delegate
Vanqar Soviet Republic N/A
Mirabel Soviet Republic N/A
Jadir Soviet Republic N/A
Kadran Surfax Soviet Republic N/A
Socialist Union of Farr N/A
Republic of Kaput 3035

The Guevara Coalition

Blue (six members)

State Official Delegate
Empire of Ellenjoy Grace N/A
Democratic Republic of Plato 3035
Kingdom of Minerva N/A
Exirian Imperial Republic N/A
Soviet Republic of Westam N/A
Socialist Republic of Eillerean N/A

The Zhukov Division

Magenta (seven members)

State Official Delegate
Azurnereich 3035
Azurnereich NW N/A
Azurnereich NE N/A
Soviet Empire of the Leaf N/A
Soviet Empire of Kitaba N/A
Kingdom of Inda Kava N/A
Soviet Socialist Chiava N/A