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Formed in 2998, the Democratic Republic of Damstu is a small socialist state in Volusia on Kebir Blue. Since its creation, it has been headed by Ms Keppy. Ruled by a "supreme soviet", there is very little democracy in the country. A longtime member of the Soviet Federation, she became the chairperson in the 3030 election and led the organisation for 18 years. Up until this point, the Democratic Republic of Damstu is the only president to have ever won three consecutive terms.

Pictured to the left is the flag of Damstu. The solid green represents the commitment of the nation to the environment and is an homage to the solid red flag of communism. As a socialist leader, Keppy has repeatedly stated that she is building communism in Damstu. The economy in Damstu, however, has proven to be both tricky and bourgeois, drawing criticism from allies and enemies alike. In 3073 a major initiative was underaken by Keppy, the "Century Project", designed to reduce carbon emmissions to 2998 levels by 3098. While many had claimed that it was simply impossible, Keppy and many government departments repeatedly pointed to solid research that corroborated their claims, and in 3095 Keppy made a joyous announcement that Damstu had been successful, and 3 years early.

In 3075 Keppy held a committee meeting with several close aides within Damstu to announce plans to run for the position of Soviet Federation chair. She made the formal announcement at the 100th Anniversary celebrations in Qavran, and ran for office in 3083, winning more than 40 per cent of the vote. She was reelected in 3088 and again in 3095. She is currently the chair of the federation.