The City of Piaus, In the Kingdom of Constantine, Although not it's largest city, it is the most populous city in the nation. With over 4,345,121 people the City has grown to be a favorite amongst tourist; both by foreigners and Constantinos.

Also to be noted it is the Capital of Cinema in the Empire. With over 450 movies being shot either in the Province or the city, the Film Industry is booming.

Country Kingdom of Constantine
Municipality Soro
Administrative Reg Province of  Fredrikstad
Founded 3015
Incorporated 3023
Type Council
Body Keraisu
CouncilChair Gordon O'Reily
Elevation 1,222m
Piaus 4,347,412
Metropolitan Area 3,335,000
Rank 3rd, Constantine
Density 8,500/km2
Demonym Piauso/a
geoTLD .cu


History has shaped Piaus' cityscape significantly. British-style buildings can still be seen on The Bund, while French-style buildings are still to be found in the former French Concession. The old racetrack in the British area has given way to what is now People's Park, with a major subway interchange underneath. Other subway stops include the railway station at the edge of what was once the Comanche Lao Xi Men and Xiao Nan Men, Old West Gate and Small East Gate. The City is divided into Four Boroughs, along the four rivers.


Today, Piaus's goal is to develop into a world-class Cinema and Financial centre of Constantine and West Walton. Although facing competition with Minas Geras , Piaus has stronger links to the Constantine interior and to the central government in addition to a stronger manufacturing and technology base. Since the return of Hong Zhao Jun to Alabasta, Piaus has increased its role in finance, banking, and as a major destination for corporate headquarters, fueling demand for a highly educated and cosmopolitan workforce. But it was only 15 years ago, when  Benjamin Hanzo while on a hiking trip with a associate, had a vision of a metropolitan area, filled with tourist, buildings, money. Hanzo poured in his rich friends to build in the area, with the residential sector and parks being built first. On 3217, the city finally completed it's port, finally connecting it with world trade. From this point the city expanded rapidly.


The City has been experiencing a large number of Ishvali immigration, bring in a new culture into the city's nightlife.