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Centura Donna
Centura Donna (Kebir Blue).gif
Regions 14
Countries 475

Centura Donna is one of Kebir Blue's 10 continents. It contains 475 countries, of which approximately one-forth are run by players.

It is the second largest continent in Kebir Blue, after Antilia Major.


Centura Donna is located in the northern hemisphere of Kebir Blue and is home to 14 regions and 475 countries.

Regions of Kebir Blue
Region Number of countries
Amherst 42
Austral Bergo 24
Decambra 40
Elizabeth 45
Glarus Modo 24
Great Hills 22
Hora Est 33
Melodia Granda 40
Mercury Mundo 39
Micron Bollero 38
Pasta Basta 36
St. Lucie 32
Taurus Kulma 26
Xango Ho 34

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