Catullio I
First King of Arcadia
Reign 952 - 985
Coronation 952
Birthplace: Sabaria, Ruthenia
Died: 985
Place of Death: Arcadia
Buried: Busentia River, Arcadia
Sucessor: Bartolo
Royal House: Sabarii Dinasty
Father: Nereo
Religion: Paganism

Catulio of Sabaria or Catullio was the Despot of Sabaria and the first King of the Principality of Arcadia during his foundation in 952 and 958 when he died, Catullio is famous for his defense of the Mauryan culture and their exodus to the west where he founded the city and principality of Arcadia, was also one of the forerunners of the culture and religion of selloi, as the Orthodox Church and then city Sabaria national level.

Early Life and War with Hispalis

little is known about Catullio, born of a mother and soon after was educated as a soldier until the war began, the chronological investigations realize who commanded several Maurya troops against the Selloi in various battles, until the appearance of Dimocrates who defeated the entire Mauryan army and forced to sign a peace treaty between the two cities, the Italians were forced to leave and went west, where Catullio being of the few nobles who remained in the city he left with his people across the danube river and formed various independent city state, among these, Arcadia

Creation of Arcadia

The original Mauryan people inhabited the Arcadian Hills. They later moved down into the valleys, which provided better land for agriculture. The area around the Danuba river was particularly advantageous and offered notable strategic resources: the river was a natural border on one side, and the hills could provide a safe defensive position on the other side. This position would also have enabled the Mauryans to control the river and the commercial and military traffic on it from the natural observation point at Isola. Moreover, road traffic could be controlled since Arcadia was at the intersection of the principal roads to the sea coming from Sabaria (in the northeast) and Kolomea (to the northwest).

The development of the town is presumed to have started from the development of separate small villages located at the top of hills. They eventually joined together to form Arcadia, Catullio created a heptarchy with other prominent mauryan aristocrats to the formation of the new state, the formation of Arcadia was official in 950 after the foundation of Arcadia, the new capital of the Mauryan states.

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