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Austral Bergo is a region in Centura Donna, bordering Elizabeth to the west, Glarus Modo to the northwest, Pasta Basta to the northeast, and Amherst to the east. The region has historically and at present been stable, relatively peaceful and highly developed.

Major Countries (Players)

Gaia (Satomi)

Eastern Gaia (Satomi)

The Realm of Belgiem (Michael)

The Imperial State of Grantov (Michael)

The Grand State of Polonara (reinharth)


Ten countries are located along the coast and fourteen are found in the interior. The interior is hilly with mountain ranges in the far north, west and extreme south of the region. There are numerous lakes scattered through out. One of the largest lakes is found in Eastern Gaia. The five countries in the western section are affected by the Zephyros Current giving them a much warmer climate than what is found at similar latitudes. The northern section is comprised of six countries and have a much colder climate and winters are much harsher. The eastern section is made up of eight countries starting with Gaia. The five countries in the south have a temperate climate and the area is known for it's rich farmland.


Austral Bergo is home to 24 countries, with approximately half of them being computer controlled countries. The region is largely dominated by Gaia, members of the Kebir Blue League, and the Pnakotic Defense Initiative.


For the most part this region is well developed with Gaia being the most highly developed country in the entire region.


Austral Bergo is moderately populated compared to other regions in Centura Donna. As of 3704, the region was home to approximately 390 million people, with one-sixth living in Gaia, and a little under one-sixth living in the Kebir Blue League territories.