Aenedale in mid-1500's

History of Arendale's cities

Between 1270 and 1500,things went well for the people of Arendale.Better ways of farming helped peasants grow enough food for the people.Many left the fields to work in mines or village workshops,they became skilled artisans and began to turnout cloth and metal products.Other joined in the business of trade as Dalean demands for sugar,silk,spices and dyes rose to heights.

In 2281,Darendael(now known as Arendale) became a leading port and many of its citizens became full time merchants.Darendael merchants learned to read and write,use money,and keep records.In time the town became a bustling city with an effective banking system.Darendael's prosperity soon spread to other parts of the soon Arendale.

Keilan which is today Excel City,was on the northern coast of Arendale.It is a low marshland that isnt suited for farming.People raised sheep and used the wool to develop a weaving industry.The cloth they produced became famous for its quality and soon became in demand.Kelian's many rivers and seacoasts  helped it become an early trading center on the Gondu Strait.It became an important port for ships sailing from Araba Mida to other regions and continents.

As sea trade grew,so did overland trade.Arendalean towns merged with each other for trade routes and began sending goods across the Alpachinian Range in the southwest.Soon an overland route connected Keilan and Darendael,where more routes developed and spread across Arendale.

Merchants soon became tired of moving from one place to another just to trade good,so they began to settle in towns in numerous numbers.By 1390,many towns became rich.Merchants and artisans controlled the town's business and trade.However a new class called the bourgeoisie or the middle class.The middle class helped turn the numerous towns into cities.They were the anchors for the birth if the cities in Arendale.

Through the years of Arendale's existence numerous cities fell in ruins while others rose to be power seats.After various administrations,many cities were modernized but keeping their most historicsl buildings in it own pride and glory.

The cities in Arendale of present are:  

  • Arendelle
  • Excel City seen from the horizon

    Excel City
  • Monterrey
  • Gulfport
  • A.Chase
  • G.Underwood
  • P.Jackson
  • Manoa
  • Meliza Villa
  • Thessalonica
  • Quantadore(ARENDALE PROPER)
  • Quantadore(QUANTABEL REGION)

    Bloastion City

  • SlenderVille
  • Bloastion
  • Sunbury
  • Anna Ville
  • Boulevardon