Relations between the Aquitanian Empire and the Imperial Union of Gaia have spanned for more than two centuries. Trade and tourism is significant between the two countries. First contact was established in the year 3030 and official relations a year later after the mutual establishment of Embassies.

The Gaian diplomatic mission in Savoy, is currently Gaia's oldest diplomatic mission. Gaia plans to open consulates in Aquitanian cities as the main embassy is becoming increasing overburdened. The Aquitanian diplomatic mission in Celestial City, was the first and remains the only Aquitanian mission outside White Giant. 

Country Comparison

3030 Aquitanian Flag.png Aquitanian Empire Flag of Gaia.png Imperial Union of Gaia
Populations 105,681,112 37,585,179
Capital Königsberg Celestial City
Largest City Savoy Celestial City
Government Federal Parliamentary Monarchy Unitary parliamentary monarchy
Official languages Aquitanian Standard Gaian


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Relations were established in the year 3031WG after an Aquitanian vessel, the KMS Wellzhart, encountered a Gaian ship in close proximity to Kebir Blue's orbit a year earlier. Aquitanian Naval Commanders showed interest in the ship's origin, and traced its origin to the Gaian Mainland. Subsequent weeks were marked by observance of the Gaian surface from Orbit, fact which was not disclosed in the initial years of the relation until 3253WG for fear of controversial backlash. König Wilhelm III ordered the ceasing of the watchful activities and sent a delegation to Gaia, which formally established relations early into 3031WG.

In 3150(WG), the two countries began joint military exercises under the recently signed Orbital Security and Cooperation Treaty. The treaty was originally signed in an effort to contain rapid Universali militarization in space, particularly in the orbit of White Giant. The 100th anniversary of the treaty was celebrated in Aquitania with Naval Parades over all major cities. 

An education treaty was signed in 3252(WG), which greatly enhanced the cooperation between Aquitanian and Gaian schools and increased the numbers of students participating in student exchange programs, both countries are currently discussing the possibility to amend the Treaty to allow credits obtained in either educational institutions to be transferable between the two nations.

Diplomatic Missions


  • Embassy of Gaia in Savoy.
    • Consulate of Gaia in Brandenburg.
    • Consulate of Gaia in Hannover.
    • Consulate of Gaia in Königsberg.
    • Consulate of Gaia in Preutterdam.


Bilateral Agreements

  • Orbital Security and Cooperation Treaty
  • Education Treaty of 3565(KB) / 3252(WG)

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