Antilia Major
Location Antilia Major (Golden Rainbow).png
Regions 19
Countries 1072

Antilia Major is the largest continent on Golden Rainbow. Located in the eastern hemisphere. Some of the major civilizations of Golden Rainbow are in Antilia Major.



The continent is divided into 19 major regions, which are divided into many countries. A total of 1072 countries are located on the continent.

List of Regions
  • Araba Mida
  • Cabana Magnifica
  • Canis
  • Carina Kanji
  • Crane York
  • Decambra
  • Fortuna Donna
  • Great Hills
  • Great Liberty
  • Great Portland
  • Mercury Mundo
  • Mercury Yugo
  • Nakomo Valley
  • Ottello Monda
  • Pegersus
  • Pictor Veronica
  • South Dade
  • Unicron West
  • Volusia


GR Time zones.

Mainland Antilia Major has nine official time zones, some of then with daylight saving time.

The nine official standard time zones were set up in February 3070.

Originally Decambra region was three hours ahead of UTC but in May 3090 they added another time zone (+4) to the eastern part.

Daylight saving time are observed in southern summer in Cabana Magnifica, Fortuna Donna, Mercury Yugo, Otello Monda and Pictor Veronica regions.


The continent is the largest of all continents. Covering about 25% of the GR's land area, it has more people than any other continent. Stretching from the hot north tropical zone to the south temperated zone, crossing the steamy equatorial lands in the center, Antilia Major contains huge, empty deserts, as well as some of the Golden Rainbow's highest mountains and longest rivers.

Antilia Major is also the Golden Rainbow continent that most suffers with earthquakes. Unicron West is where they are more frequent.

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