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Some players have been kind enough to start their own site related with Simcountry. This compilation of sites and forums is a list of platforms (both active and inactive) to exchange knowledge, wisdom and history; just like this very same site.



Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the president of a country or a leader of an empire. There are also those, who play Simcountry as CEOs of Enterprises that build corporations in many countries, sell their products on the market, trade assets, and develop into large economic powers.

Church of Simcountry

This site belongs to John Fire a.k.a. Scarlet, an arrogant fellow who imagines himself the Holy Dictator of Golden Rainbow. It is basically a guide for beginners and supposedly contains helpful suggestions. Everything said should be taken with a grain of salt.

Common Market Blog

An archive, guide, and strategic discussion of how to both successfully use and profit from a good common market. Connected to the GRCM common market on Golden Rainbow, open to --all-- leaders.


The Union Federation

The official forum of the member of the The Union Federation in WG

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