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The 3600 Soviet Datacommons was conducted by Philip of White Highlands near the end of the Seventy - Third Government. Similar to previous datacommons, a variety of variables are shown varying from economic, demographic and defence related figures. Each country displayed (unlike the previous datacommons) rather then being presented in a full table, are presented in individualistic headings or categories. Each nation will have a variety of information given, as well as identification of any trends found since the last datacommons.

All information provided is in accordance with what can be discovered and found within the main country screen. Any information not given is the result of privacy and secrecy of relevant information in which the Interior Ministry of the Soviet Federation adheres to and respects. The information in question was gathered over a series of 3 - 4 game months.

Individual Countries

Each country has it's own respective heading, with a table given the information as to the last soviet datacommons. Additional features include a narration of current trends, as well as speculation surrounding such information. A chart showing the production makeup of the country is also for viewing, with a brief statement on the regards of the economic makeup of the country in relation to the size of production/mininng/industry etc.

United Republic of Amorea

Tier Rating Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Population Business Index GDP per annum % Military Spending Total Assets
1 AAA 11.52B 157.61 8% 34,935,196 116.52 1566.24 <1%


Overall, the United Republic of Amorea has experienced a relative decline in regards to the state of the public finances, as evident of the Financial Index. However a good, strong and healthy set of results from Total Assets, GDP and Population can be found also. The United Republic of Amorea is one of the few countries within the Soviet Federation who is not actively part of a common market, and does not participate in Soviet Federation politics.