Conducted by the People's Republic of Rezalan between 3052 and 3053, the 3053 census is a collection of data compiled on all member states of the Soviet Federation. The information below is approximated. The total population for the federation exceeds 593 600 000 up 2.8 per cent from 577 330 000 in 3045.

Census Data

State Empire Population Finance Trend Level Gap
Vanqar Soviet Republic UAR 32.81 M 125 Negative 4 Military
Mirabel Soviet Republic UAR 21.48 M 131 Positive 4 Education
Jadir Soviet Republic UAR 21.45 M 142 Negative 4 Health
Kadran Surfax Soviet Republic UAR 23.10 M 105 Stable 4 Employment
UAR TOTAL/AVG 98.10 M 126 Stable
Democratic Republic of Damstu - 15.35 M 150 Positive 3 Education
People's Republic of Rezalan - 14.92 M 105 Positive 1 Finance
Soviet Empire of the Leaf USE 47.75 M 162 Stable 4 Enterprise
Soviet Empire of Kitaba USE 40.67 M 123 Postitive 4 Enterprise
USE TOTAL/AVG 88.40 142 Positive
Republic of Kaput - 15.37 M 114 Stable 1 Education
Socialist Union of Farr - 18.75 M 145 Negative 1 Military
New Republic of Wisconsin USSA 21.15 M 140 Stable 4 Employment
Commonwealth of Virginia USSA 10.65 M 151 Positive 4 Population
USSA TOTAL/AVG 31.80 M 145 Stable
Democratic Republic of Plato - 17.15 M 3 Employment
Empire of the Great Gatsby - 22.00 M 151 Stable 2 Employment
Soviet Socialist Chiava - 41.57 M 137 Stable 6 Enterprises
Soviet Republic of Westam - 13.51 M 112 Stable 3 Cash/Loans
Azurnereich AE 56.87 M 5 Transport
Azurnereich NW AE 50.33 M 5 Cash
Azurnereich NE AE 47.72 M 5 Cash
Azurnereich S AE 17.42 M 5 Population
Fuso Soviet Empire FSE 17.05 M 151 Negative 3 Cash
Kanto Soviet Empire FSE 9.05 M 102 Negative 3 Cash/Loans
FSE TOTAL/AVG 26.10 M 126 Negative
Sinclaire 9.87 M 156 Negative 1 Cash
Empire of Bakara 9.77 M 154 Negative 1 Military
Cuban Empire 11.82 M 154 Negative 1 Transport
FEDERATION TOTAL/AVG 593.60 M ~130 Stable 4
Empire Population 405.35 M 68 per cent
Independent State Population 187.25 M 32 per cent

Population Chart

Below is a chart showing the breakdown of the population of the organisation. More than 68 per cent of the population of the Soviet Federation reside in the five empires (United Autonomous Republics, United Soviet Empire, Azurnereich Empire, United Soviet States of America, and the newly formed Fuso Soviet Empire). More than half (14 of
Picture 1 15-52-19

Population share of the Soviet Federation, 3053.

the 25) of the member states are part of one of these empires, meaning that just under 50 per cent of states are independent countries. Azurnereich's four territories together comprise over 170 million people, making up nearly 30 per cent of the population of the federation. Soviet Socialist Chiava, the chair of the organisation, is the largest non-empire state, with an impressive population of over 40 million, making it noticably larger than the population of the USSA as well as the FSE. The image below is a visual representation of population share during the time of the census (approximated). For more information, please contact the census officer or the chairperson.

Discussion of Findings

Rezalan, the official censor recorder during the period, came up with the following notes on the census findings.

1. Population: (see discussion in the above section)

2. Finance One of the most signficican improvements since the last census (3045) is that no state is consistently losing money. All finance indexes exceed 100 per cent. There are still significant issues when it comes to cash problems, which should be the focus of the newly formed Joint Census Finance Commission. There are several states who are trending downwards currently, but they are, in general, minor recessions.

3. Governmental Service and Infrastructure Problems

There are severl states with large deficiencies in their services and infrastructure. By and large, the military indexes have climbed, but there are still gaps. The most common seem to be around cash and finance, however basic indexes such as health, education, and transport are singificant issues that need to be worked on in many states.