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This is the page for the second Soviet Federation Census, of 3033. The information is to be compiled by The New Republic of Wisconsin, first Census Officer and founder of the Soviet Federation Census Bureau. At the time of the census, the federation had 24 members.

Population of the federation: 465,915,423

Democratic Republic of Damstu (Chairman):12,879,447

United Socialist States of America: 35,934,231

The New Republic of Wisconsin (Census Officer):18,047,085

The Commonwealth of Virginia:8,961,321

The New Republic of Illinois:8,925,825

United Autonomous Republics:80,764,800

Vanqar Soviet Republic (Electoral Officer):25,854,232

Mirabel Soviet Republic:16,583,530

Jadir Soviet Republic:20,278,554

Kadran Surfax Soviet Republic:18,048,484

Azurnereich Empire: 103,043,397




United Soviet Empire: 61,915,578

Soviet Empire of the Leaf (Economic Specialist):34,619,238

Soviet Empire of Kitaba:27,299,340

Individual countries: 171,377,970

Exirian Imperial Democracy: 11,641,603

The Kingdom of Minerva:21,139,878

Soviet Socialist Chiawa (Information Officer):27,011,269

Democratic Republic of Plato:13,473,140

The Empire of Ellenjoy grace:14,801,535

Socialist Union of Farr:16,266,045

Republic of Kaput:13,029,069

People's Republic of Rezalan:12,564,347

The Empire of the Great Gatsby:19,937,581

The Soviet Republic of westam:11,105,842

Socialist republic of Eirean:10,407,661