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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/11/2016

I'm back

I'm back. I plan to edit pages focused on continents, regions, seas etc.
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• 6/19/2015

New to simcountry wiki.

im new to the simcountry wiki and i wanted to know how to make a country page. i dont know how to make the template on the right hand side of the country pages (it holds the country info) and i dont know how you guys get screenshot-like pictures of your country's region/territory.
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• 11/7/2014

Join me!

Hi Guys long time no talk, i want to invite you all to play NationStates!
My name is Bendicion
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• 10/8/2014

Hello boys, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

After finding nothing in LU, I've decided to go back to my comrades in KB. Does any of you interested in inviting my country to the federation? It's called "The Legation Territory".
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• 10/1/2014

Paova Major

Someone could merge these two pages?

Paova Major (White Giant)
Paova Major (Wihte Giant)
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• 9/3/2014

Maps Feature Enabled

The experimental maps feature has been enabled.
With this feature, you can create your own maps based on the map of Earth or an uploaded image of your choosing (ie. country, city, or region maps).
How to name your map template:

Naming: Map of _____ (Simcountry)*
Example: Map of Earth (Simcountry)
*Adding "(Simcountry)" makes it easier to find map templates from our wiki (map templates can be accessed from every wiki, unlike pictures and videos).
Create your own map: Create Map
More info: Help:Wikia Maps
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• 8/25/2014

Fruitfull Seasons

Hey guys, loong time no see.Any news or achievemnts.Been playin simcountry and nationstates both at the samt time.Umm... if you wanna join NS just pm me.
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• 8/22/2014

GR Time Zones

I made a map of time zones in Golden Rainbow and would like to know if it is the acceptance of you, especially those who have countries in GR.

Time zones in Golden Rainbow. Divided the world into 24 hours and used the division across regions, although some fit up to two time zones.
This is just a sketch that can be modified.
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• 8/18/2014

Leaving WG

After much thinking about it, I have concluded to leave my comrades in WG in favour of finding new prospects in LU.
Wish me luck. (And can any of you admins archive my country's article?)
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• 7/24/2014

Returning to KB (or going to LU)

With Archontes retiring, I fell like I want to either go back to my comrades in KB, or search for a better life in LU.
What do you think?
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• 7/22/2014


After much thinking about it, I have concluded to retire from SC and this wikia, deleting my account in SC and retiring of this wikia. 
I have detected Hughes Syndrome and from exactly one month I am being treated now, this treatment has made rethink some priorities in my life and this game is not a priority right now, despite the friendships and good times spent especially in this wikia. 
I step aside and leave as "archive" all my articles, templates are free and can use them as they please, not return to this wikia anymore, so please if this game still alives, keep the wikia clean and good, i do the best i can to maintain a good wikia for everyone.
A special greeting to Mother Gaia and Wolfker for being a good friend and chat with me :)
Best Regards and see you soon
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• 7/12/2014

Corporation Supplies

Guys, its been a long time since i played simcountry due to the wikia,which i enjoyed but now my country is in recession and my cirps have low supplies.I immediate deliver them,but to save money i want to interconnect my corps in supplying themselves.i once saw a page maybe like >100,>00,>00-indicating supplies for a single corporation..The 100 is colored green while the zeroes are red.Do you know where to find it.I may think the GM may have removed it after an update of the game
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• 7/11/2014

Older pages

Why has someone gone through and deleted dozens of pages related to the Soviet Federation? This includes legislation, political parties, events, former member states, etc. I don't see any reason why they should have been deleted and I would like to formally request that they be reinstated. I don't see the point of having a wiki if material from it will be deleted later.
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• 7/7/2014

How to make a template

How can you guys make a template
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• 6/29/2014


Hey guys,is it just me or are yoy all really becoming inactive.What you guys being busy with.I cant stand it that my pages are the most recent changed.Please reply.
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• 6/28/2014

Interplanetary Council Meeting#

As the  Council of Centau pursues a peacekeeping operation,the IPO would like to know what would become of the 80,000 peacekeepers of Centau.The IPO has formalized its intention to deploy its troops in these locations:
1.Rochina,Imperial Union of Constantine
2.Southern Border,Union of Arendale
3.Borders between Constantine and Aquitania
The IPO would like the Members give their opinion.If none of the above are chosen,IPO would like to reside its forces in the following countries in these options:
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• 6/26/2014

Now you see me,now you dont

Hey guys,as of yesterday i'll be now active or online when you're all asleep.Why?.its because i will have night shift in my school.Im just saying this cuz i miss chatting with you guys.Good luck and happy editing.
My future pages
Arendalean Air Service
Laws of Arendale
Prime Minister of Arendale
Judiciary of Arendale
Military and Administrative Divisions
Needed for update
Mostly Government related.
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• 6/25/2014

New Soviet Template

I created a special soviet template, to help identify soviet articles
i found TOO MUCH SOVIET ARTICLES during the maintenance and i need to identify accordingly
i put it some templates in their respective articles
the template is this
have fun and please, use it
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• 6/24/2014

Proposal - Council of Centau Resolution #2

(Resolution #1, being the founding of the organization)
Purpose: The finalization of the Interplanetary Council of the CC.

The Interplanetary Council of the CC (similar to the UN Security Council), would consist of five members.
three would be permanent members.
two would be rotational/temporary members.
initially, the two rotational members may not be from the same planet.
five members is the initial amount of members, it may grow as the CC gains more members.
Permanent members hold veto power.
Veto may be overturned if the majority of the Greater Assembly votes against it (two-thirds majority), to prevent abuse of veto power.
The CC Interplanetary Council holds the responsibility over the deployment of the CC Peacekeepers.
Please vote or discuss the proposal below.
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